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Reinhardt products: favoured by professionals

Did you know that 85% of all Lavellier mic covers that you see on your TV screen are manufactured by Reinhardt? The reason for this is simple. We dont make empty promises about what our microphone windscreens can do. We simply manufacture microphone accessories that work effectively and at a sensible price point and we keep our packaging simple and therefore environmentally friendly.

All Reinhardt branded products are manufactured in Denmark by our own talented team of dedicated professionals. We do not have our products manufactured in Asia or Eastern Europe like so many others and yet give the impression that they are made in the host country.
All our moulding, machining, sewing and assemply is truly “Made In Denmark”.*

Further more our products are tested in the field by experienced sound people all over the world and frequently our products are based on the feedback and suggestions that our customers and friends of Reinhardt have suggested.

*Rubber handles for our SoftZep are sourced out side of Denmark as are a selected few of our foam windscreens.